film screening
Short Films from The South of the World
selected by film critic Yazan Ashqar

Tuesday 12 November 2013 | Blue House 6:30 PM

Celebrating the 25th anniversary, and the exhibition "HIWAR | Conversations in Amman" which introduces 14 artists from the southern world, Darat al Funun presents a series of short films screenings selected by film critic Yazan Ashqar with screenings of films from the South of the world, including films from: Brazil, Turkey, India, South Africa and Malaysia.

The Sky Downstairs
Directed by: Catapreta Elenco
Brazil, 2010, 15 minutes
Since he was 12, Francisco takes pictures of the sky. One day, something unusual appears in one of his pictures and changes his routine.

Directed By: Edmund Yeo
Malaysia/Japan, 2012, 17 minutes
Bored Mei works on a pig farm and a butcher's shop. One night she takes money from her boyfriend Seng, breaks his heart, and boards a ship to Japan to work there illegally.

Directed by : Belma Bas
Turkey, 2006, 13 minutes
Living with elderly relatives in a remote old house in the mountains the Child reticently observes the daily routine of rustic life and glimpses the mysteries of life and death.

Six Strands
Directed By: Chaitanya Tamhane
India, 2010, 15 minutes
A lonely, mysterious woman in the hills of Darjeeling produces the most elusive and expensive tea in the world. Plucked under mysterious conditions, the 'Moonlight Thurston' tea triggers layered sensations encompassing taste, memory, love and pleasure.

Directed by: Wanuri Kahiu
Kenya/South Africa, 2009. 21 minutes
Thirty-five years after World War III, “The Water War,” a woman from East Africa flees an enclosed community in hopes of once again restoring life outside its walls.