Marwan Rechmaoui
Firas Shehadeh
Akram Zaatari
Mohammed Zakaria
Dana Kaoukji
Mohamad Badarneh.
Amal Kenawy, Silence of Sheep.
Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige
Ibn Talib, Sawtek.
Isidro López-Aparicio
Wasim Zaid Habashneh
Yasmeen Sabri
Rabih Mroué
Oraib Toukan
Jehad Al Ameri
Hosam Omran
Dina Mufti
Yasmine Alnabulsi
Dana Rousan
Munjed Qasem
Himat Ali
Sahel Al Hiyari
Tala Abdulhadi
Haya Abdul Hameed
Hassan Khan
Rana Elnimr
Truth is black, write over it
with a mirage’s light.
30th Anniversary Inaugural Exhibition

13 February – 17 May 2018

Join us in our celebration of our 30th anniversary, marking three decades since the launch of our initiative in support of contemporary artists from Jordan and the Arab world that laid the foundation for what would become Darat al Funun, meaning a Home for the arts. On the 13th of February, we inaugurate the first exhibition of the year, featuring established artists side by side with emerging artists. They are invited to pause and reflect, to re-imagine our world and to create a new constellation of narratives and interrogations, inspired by Mahmoud Darwish’s poem “To a Young Poet”:

Truth is black, write over it
with a mirage’s light.

Today, Darat al Funun is housed in six renovated historical buildings dating from the 1920’s with restored archaeological remains in the garden of a Byzantine church built over a Roman temple. Darat al Funun has become a meeting place for artists, a hub for artistic practices, experimentation and critical discourse and an oasis for researchers and fellows. In addition to programming exhibitions, artist talks, film screenings, performances, poetry readings and concerts, we launched the Darat al Funun Summer Academy in 1999, ran multi-disciplinary workshops, initiated an exchange residency program, opened “The Lab” for experimental art projects, established a fellowship for academic studies on Arab art, and more.

Artists, performers, architects, designers, archaeologists, researchers, poets, writers, musicians and filmmakers believed in our vision. We celebrate today all those who accompanied us on our journey throughout these past 30 years. They are the cornerstone of our foundation. We especially celebrate the new generation of artists, who are engaged witnesses of the present and an inspiration for the future.

Our year-long celebration includes three exhibitions:

First Exhibition:
Tuesday 13 February - 17 May 2018

Second Exhibition:
Tuesday 3 July  - 4 October 2018

Third Exhibition:
Tuesday 23 October 2018 - 24 January 2019

Participating artists February - May:
Akram Zaatari (Lebanon), Amal Kenawy (Egypt), Ayham Alsammak (Jordan), Dana Kaoukji (Jordan), Dana Rousan (Jordan), Dina Mufti (Jordan), Firas Shehadeh (Jordan), Hassan Khan (Egypt), Haya Abdul Hameed (Jordan), Himat Ali (Iraq), Hosam Omran (Jordan), Ibn Talib (Jordan), Isidro López-Aparicio (Spain), Jehad Al Ameri (Jordan), Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige (Lebanon), Marwan Rechmaoui (Lebanon), Mohamad Badarne (Palestine), Mohammed Zakaria (Jordan), Munjed Qasim (Jordan), Oraib Toukan (Jordan), Rabih Mroué (Lebanon), Rana ElNemr (Egypt), Sahel Al Hiyari (Jordan), Tala Abdulhadi (Jordan), Wasim Zaid Habashneh (Jordan), Yasmeen Sabri (Jordan), Yasmine Alnabulsi (Jordan).

The exhibitions will be accompanied by a full program of artist talks and performances, films from our archive selected by artists, a cultural production seminar and an archival exhibition curated by the Darat al Funun fellows, curators in conversation, workshops, performances, and more.