Mohamed Larbi Rahali

Morocco 1956. Lives and works in Tétouan.

Omri means “my life” in Arabic. Oum Kalthoum’s famous 1964 song Enta Omri (You are my life) made the meaning of this word more connected to passion than to any other in the Arabic language. Larbi Rahali is an amateur fisherman and his passion is fishing in large seas. Omri (1984-ongoing) presents extracts of the artist’s “life” who considers his jacket pockets as his studio, the matchbox as his canvas, his hand as his easel, and the world as his model. Rahali’s matchboxes hold his observations, dreams and meaningful keepsakes. From daily life scenes and reproductions of classics to expressions and intimate notes, the artist has created within these boxes a collection of interior and exterior views. The artist-fisherman is ‘witness’ to the stories he illustrates in his miniatures.