Nuha al Radi

Iraq 1941-Lebanon 2004.

Nuha al Radi is an artist of demonstrated talent in cermaic art, and was a top-grade ceramist among Iraqi and Arab ceramists. She had novel ideas that were inspired by the local  heritage and technical skills that formulated works of breathtaking beauty. In India, Nuha was exposed to rich and popular Indian cultural heritage, and reproduced it in her art. She grew up in a cultural era, and has been in contact with Iraqi antiquities since her childhood wherever they existed in the world's museums. Her work grew later through explorations and accompanying her sister, an archeologist and scientist named Dr. Selma Radi. This put her in a state of early awareness about local and Eastern heritage at a time when most eyes were on western civilization.

During her studies in London, Nuha trained in using modern techniques and gained the courage to innovate freely. Nuha's work continued to surprise audiences attending her exhibition with the sincerity of its approach, and the novelty of its themes, and a high understanding of beauty. In the beginning of the eighties, Nuha took a serious decision to form a huge turning point in her career, a decision that no other Arab artist has had the courage to take before or after. She decided to give up ceramic art, claiming that she has reached the end of her road, saying: "I no longer have the capability to express, and I have to find another route.". She boldly ceded her leadership position and returned once more to the beginning of the road to stand as a novice student learning the alphabet, training in drawing, and getting to know calligraphy art and techniques in oil painting and photography. She quickly found what was missing in graphic art and printmaking, and she began to practice it whenever she had the chance, beginning in Rafa' al Nasiri's studio in Baghdad at first, and following him to Darat al Funun in Amman, always accompanying her fellow Iraqi artists.