Rajwa Bint Ali

Jordan 1968. Lives and works in Amman.

"When I think back at the six years I spent at Darat al Funun, I remember the amazing group of people with whom I worked, the magical setting we were in that grew as we went along, the determined energy of the lady who conceived and built the Darat, and finally, the quiet supportive presence of Khalid Shoman, who was always behind his loving wife as she created the project of Darat al Funun. Twenty years later, Darat al Funun has become internationally renowned, with four additional renovated houses under its wing. It has hosted numerous exhibitions, workshops, and concerts".

Excerpt from Rajwa Bint Ali's personal reflection 'Moments in Darat al Funun (1993-1998)', Arab Art HistoriesThe Khalid Shoman Foundation, 2013

Rajwa Bint Ali was part of the Darat al Funun team from 1993-1998. She participated in several exhibitions, including the summer 97 festival exhibition, and in 2013 she did Al Haqq, a collaborative project at The Lab.