Rawan Damen

Jordan 1979. Palestinian.

Rawan Damen is a filmmaker who has directed scores of documentaries that have been translated into multiple languages and presented at a number of Arab and international film festivals. Many of her films and series received awards, including “Pioneers” on pioneering Arab women (2007), “The Bitter Peace” on the Egyptian-Israeli negotiations (2009), “Homeland Owners” on the Palestinians of 1948 (2010), “The Road to January 25” (2011) on the social-media revolution in Egypt, and “The Price of Oslo” on the secret negotiations between the PLO and Israel (2013). Rawan worked as a senior commissioning producer for Al Jazeera’s documentary series: “Focus” and “Palestine in Focus” (2008 - 2016), and she has supervised more than 200 Arabic documentary films. Rawan is also a jury member of the Sharjah Government Communication Awards and a member of the General Secretariat of the Palestine International Forum for Media and Communication. She is the co-author of three books on Palestinian oral history and critical issues surrounding Arab education. She holds a master’s degree in Communication Studies from Leeds University in the UK (2003) and a bachelor’s degree in Media and Sociology from Birzeit University in Palestine (2001).