Rayyane Tabet

Lebanon 1983. Lives and works in Beirut.

Rayyane Tabet’s artistic practice probes the connection between minor histories and major events through form and material. His work has been part of several exhibitions at Darat al Funun, including in 2008 Art Now in Lebanon, curated by Andrée Sfeir-Semler, and in 2013 HIWAR: Conversations in Amman, curated by Adriano Pedrosa.

"On the morning of Friday September 1st 2006 I went to buy a cup of coffee from a shop on Third Avenue and 7th Street in Manhattan. As I was waiting for it I noticed that someone had left their copy of The New York Times behind. On my way out I stole it. On the front page was an image of the main highway leading South out of Beirut with around fifty trucks filled with rubble headed towards a point in the distance were the road meets the water to dump the debris in the sea. The caption read: A River Of Rubble From The War In Lebanon. A year later while on my way to swim in Tyre, I passed by the place in the photograph. By now the rubble looked like a makeshift mountain close to the shore with all sorts of vegetation coming through it. Since then I always thought that if I were to write a text on sculpture it would probably begin with the image of debris that turn into landscapes."

- Rayyane Tabet in HIWAR | Conversations in Amman, 2013