Saba Innab

Kuwait 1980 (Palestinian). Lives and works between Beirut and Amman.

"My works are mainly concerned with architecture and the city, and reflect a process of reproducing a place in an analytical and critical context. This was clearly triggered by my architectural training, but I think in the beginning it was more of an urge to understand Amman, a city that was vague to me 15 years ago. So urban research was probably a tool of “belonging”…

Rethinking building and dwelling in temporariness became a main dilemma I try to tackle in my work, and Amman is still a subject of research I am constantly feeding on in different aspects. Through painting, mapping, sculpture, and design, I try to explore the suspended states between temporariness and permanence and the variable notions of dwellingbuilding, & language in architecture."

- Saba Innab in HIWAR | Conversations in Amman, 2013