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After Hours
Artist Residency

18 October – 15 December 2020

We are pleased to announce the launch of After Hours, an online residency program bringing together a group of six people interested in developing modes of collaborative research and making work for various audiences/contexts of production (art, journalism, academic writing, independent publishing, alternative education, photography, etc.). The residents are invited to negotiate two layers of context: that of the institution and the existential questions it faces, and their own practice. To be able to initiate a practice based discursive space, we enter representational experiments and reflect on self-produced material. The technical choices or limitations are as important as the conceptual ones. We get to see how far the context of production can influence a creative process, and simultaneously keep challenging that. Where does the gap between the openness of a theoretical premise and the compromise of implementation occur? If we understand the gap so much, why can’t we address it in person? If the gap is to speak, on our behalf, what would it say?

Residents: Ahmed Mongey, Ali Al-Adawy, Asha Athman, Batool El Hennawy, Noor Abuarafeh, Rama Sabanekh and Sanabel Abdelrahman.