Arabic Calligraphy
Contemporary Arab Artists

December 2004 – January 2005

Calligraphy as a visual art-form has been part of the heritage of all major cultural groups all throughout history. However, among the Arabs and other Muslim communities, Calligraphy has received the kind of attention that no other art-form has. In Islamic sources the art of calligraphy is defined as "spiritual pattern formed by worldly tools." True to this definition, the art of Calligraphy, created with reed pen and soot ink, has continued its development through the centuries, and remain, to this day, a source of inspiration to many artists.

The different classical styles of the Arabic letters offer unlimited possibilities and the accomplished contemporary Arab Artists exhibited at the Blue House indirectly utilize these styles to create an abstract, yet readable representation of words and provide a postmodern interpretation of the letters; effortlessly crossing barriers and touching other languages and cultures.

Art works displayed are from the private collection of the Khalid Shoman Foundation, and include:

Rachid Koraichi (Algeria): "A Nation in Exile"

Mona Saudi (Jordan): "The Petra Tablets" (inspired by the poetry of Adonis)

Laila Shawa (Palestine): "The Walls of Gaza"

Aziz Amoura (Jordan): "Sabra and Shatila", and others

Wijdan Ali (Jordan): "Bismillah"

Kamal Boullata (Palestine): Untitled

Mahmoud Taha (Jordan): Ceramic sculpture