Japanese Calligraphy Art
Yanagida Seiran; in collaboration with the Gakushoin School of Calligraphy

23 November 2004 – 20 January 2005

Calligraphy is considered not only one of the fine arts in Japan but also an art that expresses the highly dignified spirit of each artist. Accordingly, Japanese calligraphy emphasizes the skill and refined spirit of the calligrapher, both of which determine the individual artistic finish and elevated style.

The Gakushoin School of Calligraphy was established by the Yanagida family who have dedicated their lives to the art of calligraphy since Seisai Yanagida - calligrapher and Confucian scholar in 1850s- and his son and grandson Tairoku and Taiun who succeeded him in the mission to deepen this form of art. The School prides itself in holding remarkable exhibitions and establishing a research institute. Yanagida Seiran has been President of the school since the passing away of her husband, Taiun Yanagida, in 1990.

The exhibition at Darat al Funun represents classical scripts of traditional calligraphy and introduces the following scripts through which the artists show their talents competently:

KAISHO: Block type script.
GYOSHO: "Running style" script frequently used for informal writing.
SOSHO: "Grass writing" cursive style.
REISHO: Clerical script once used for official documents.
TENSHO: Archaic script traditionally used for carving official seals.

The Gakushoin School is honored to exhibit these outstanding works highlighting various aspects of the art of calligraphy. We strongly believe that art form which represents the beauty of the human spirit has a deep impression on the nation as a whole, and is a great contribution to the international exchange of art and culture.

T.R.H. Prince Ra'ad bin Zeid & Princess Majda Ra'ad, H.E. Mr. Koichi Obata & Mrs. Obata, Ambassador of Japan to Jordan, the Artist Yanagida Seiran and her disciples of the Gakushoin School of Calligraphy with Omar Shoman & Joumana Kawar from Darat al Funun at the opening.

Gakushoin School of Calligraphy