Diwan Al-Mimar: Riwaq
The Architectural and Cultural Heritage of Palestine

Saturday 28 January 2023 | 6:00 pm | Main Building

This year, we are re-launching Diwan Al-Mimar, which was started in 2000 in collaboration with the Center for the Study of the Built Environment (CSBE). Diwan Al-Mimar is a monthly program of talks featuring collective and individual architectural practices that explore the intersection between contemporary architectural practices, critical interventions, and visual arts.

Our guest for the first session is Shatha Safi, the director of the Riwaq - Centre for Architectural Conservation, who presents Riwaq’s journey over the last thirty years of protecting, restoring, and rehabilitating the architectural and cultural heritage of Palestine.

Riwaq’s main framework includes a restoration program to regenerate fifty of the most historically significant sites in Palestine, as well as a community and culture program. Riwaq also contributes to the production and dissemination of knowledge about heritage through its research and publications program including a registry of historic buildings in Palestine. Riwaq works in collaboration with other partners, on building a conducive institutional and legal environment.

The talk is in Arabic.

Shatha Safi received a B.Sc. in architectural engineering from Birzeit University and MA in World Heritage and Cultural Projects for Development from ITILO, Turin, Italy. Safi joined Riwaq in 2008 and has been managing different projects including rehabilitation projects for Beit Iksa, Hajjah, Birzeit, and Qalandiya. Her work is inspired by her interest in the cultural landscape and community involvement.