Au detour du Jourdain
Farida Hamak - in cooperation with the French Cultural Center, Amman

May – July 2007

"In August of 2005, upon invitation by the French Cultural Centre, I came to Jordan in order to begin working on a photography project about the Jordan River. Faced with the many difficulties that I encountered while trying to approach the river banks, I decided to focus my work, instead, on the area surrounding the river, the territory of the Jordan Valley. A number of stays followed during which the valley continued to cast its spell on me and the river continued to attract me. A fascination fed by the constant back and forth between the extremes of sumptuousness and diminution, shadow and light… and by the fragility of places haunted by the exile of the river…this flower that no one looks at any more, but which the ancients guarded in the crevices of their memory.

It is from this long journey that these images came to light, gathered fragments of life at the bend of the Jordan River, of which a history continues to be written."