Corrugated no. 3, 2013/14.
Corrugated Landscape no. 1, 2013/14.
On both walls: Caravans, 2013/14. Back: Rawabi, 2013.
Caravans, 2013/14.
Caravans, 2013/14.
Rawabi, 2013.
Home Sweet Loan, 2014.
Ya Ghanamati (Oh my Sheep), 2014.
Ya Ghanamati (Oh my Sheep), 2014.
Left wall: Caravans, 2013/14. Floor: This Space is Occupied (from Jonah's Whale), 2014.
This Space is Occupied (from Jonah's Whale), 2014.
Caravans, 2013/14.
Caravan Incense, 2013/14.
Failing to Levant, 2014.
Failing to Levant, 2014.
Black Goat Law, 2014.
Black Goat Law, detail, 2014.
Banner, 2013.
Nida Sinnokrot

27 May – 9 October 2014

"...Camels, like sheep, were once revered as a store of wealth, a divine gift. A caravan of camels made even the most inhospitable of climates negotiable by offering shelter and security. In Palestine such caravans are a thing of the past. The nomadic Negev Bedouin are all but extinct, forced into prefabricated urban dwellings. Caravans today are little more than the name we give to shipping containers whose circulation ends permanently as settlements and offices in the West Bank construction sites."

- Artist statement

'Caravans' is Nida Sinnokrot's first solo exhibition in the region.