Distance Teaching
Rijin Sahakian (Sada)

Tuesday 7 February 2012 | 6:00 PM

Sada ("Echo") for contemporary Iraqi art and culture, was established to expand artistic possibilities and promote critical investigations through the support of new works, education programs, documentation and research.

As part of its education mission, Sada has developed an innovative workshop program to address the needs of young artists and students with an initial eight-month series of multi-disciplinary arts workshops in Baghdad. The logistics and programmatic aspects of this "distance teaching" program, by which classes are led by established artists from around the world, conducted in Arabic, and live-streamed to students gathered at an onsite classroom in Baghdad, will be presented by Rijin Sahakian (founding director of Sada), followed by a discussion with the public and invited educators and practitioners. A quarter of the way through the workshops, there are several issues for consideration by those interested in contemporary art education. Issues of sustainable programming, curriculum development, and the progression of students in environments often in flux are of particular concern and importance