Early Settlements and the First Cities in Historic Jordan and Palestine
By Dr. Mo'awiya Ibrahim

Tuesday 21 February 2017
Main Building I 6:30pm

Darat al Funun’s 2017 cultural program “Falastin al Hadara” opens with a talk by archaeologist, ancient Eastern linguist, and historian Dr. Mo'awiyah Ibrahim. He will showcase the ancient history of the area by shedding light on early settlements and the first cities in historic Jordan and Palestine. The talk will be in Arabic.

"Palestine played a prominent role in connecting the world's ancient civilizations. Being at the crossroads, it both influenced and was influenced by the Ancient Near East, Eastern Mediterranean and North African nations surrounding it.

Due to the scarcity of written sources, there is a large dependence on archaeological findings when it comes to unearthing the Palestinian story. The interpretation of these findings depends on the perspectives, background, and agenda of the prospective investigators. Therefore, the results of the available research have been received with great bias, and disregard for the strength of the identity of Palestinian culture and its role in human civilization."

Dr. Ibrahim has longstanding experience in archaeological excavation, categorisation and study. He is the founder of the faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology at Yarmouk University, has published several books and studies, and represents Jordan in the UNESCO World Heritage Committee.