film screening
Jours Tranquilles en Palestine, 1998
by Fouad Elkoury and Sylvian Roumette

Tuesday 6 January 2009

1998 | 13 mins

A Lebanese artist, Fouad Elkoury began his artistic career by photographing Beirut during the civil war, exploring issues of survival in a war-torn city. Far from being a report of everyday life, his pictures bear the necessity of withstanding time. A co-founder of the Arab Image Foundation, Elkoury's more recent work combines still photography, text and video..Previously shown on Arte, Jours Tranquilles en Palestine is a film that sees five Palestinian women – Leila Shahid, Jumana Husseini, Lena Saleh, Aida Shehade, and Nabila Nashashibi - present testimonies of their memories of life in Palestine before 1948. The film is in Arabic with French subtitles.