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Let’s Imagine a Communal Tomorrow: On Commoning and Economic Alternatives
Hussein El-Hajj

Tuesday 26 January 2021 | 6 PM Amman Time

How can we contest the established wisdom that there is no alternative to capitalism? First, it takes some imagination, entirely free from the customary logic of profit and authoritarianism. Then, it necessitates creating a new language and practices to express what we imagine, and  support us in developing alternatives that can withstand this dominant economic system. We know that these are available to everyone, and this is a good thing. The sole purpose of this seminar is to introduce those alternatives to whoever is looking for them.

Hussein El-Hajj is a researcher and translator in humanities and social sciences. El-Hajj graduated from the Department of English Literature in the Faculty of Arts at Cairo University in 2014 before finishing a year-long program at CILAS 2015. He started translating essays on radical political theory in 2012 and is now working on editing a book of translated essays on the political theory of anti-work.

The seminar will be in Arabic. Join us on zoom here.