Exhibition view.
Exhibition view.
Exhibition view.
Exhibition view.
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Liquid & Light
Said Nuseibeh

January 2002 – February 2003

"The walls of the blue house at Darat Al Funun - Khalid Shoman Foundation will exhibit starting the 19th of December a collection of photographs by renowned Palestinian American photographer Said Nuseibeh.

The exhibition, which will feature photographs taken earlier this year at the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers in the Golden Gate Park, is a visual study of the energy of light and its reflections against the damp surfaces and atmosphere of the conservatory of tropical plants. He added that this exhibition aimed at portraying the beauty that God creates everywhere on the planet through his light.

Nuseibeh is well known for his work photographing the Dome of the Rock and the "Masjid al Aqsa" in Jerusalem, works which were published by the Rizzoli publishing house in the US and Thames & Hudson in the UK and middle east in 1996. Nuseibeh also said that he believed he was gifted with the ability to express through his work what he conceived with his inner eye, he explained that subjects he photographed were obliterated by a constellation of feelings and knowledge of the outcome that had the ability to redefine what was before his lens.

A collection of color works will be displayed in the main room of the blue house, they feature close ups in stunning color created solely by reflections of light on water and through stained glass. While in the second room, a collection of black and white photographs with a more panoramic presentation of the conservatory, will illustrate the charging sunlight wedding the partially ruined façade from different angles and in different times of the day.

Nuseibeh described his photography as dependent principally on light, adding that he often focused on reflected light to reveal the objects he sought to capture, an association with them, or state of mind they proliferate. 'This is a critical aspect of photography as I know it, that it preserves an evanescent aspect of humanity, and the ephemeral nature of light,' he said.

Nuseibeh was born and raised in San Francisco, he carries a B.A. in English Literature from the Reed College in Portland Oregon and also studied at the Bir Zeit University in the occupied West Bank, he contributed in many exhibitions world wide and has his photographs published in many books and international publications." Yacoub Abu Ghosh, 2002