at the lab
Middle Ear
Exhibition by Yousef Kawar

25 February – 18 March 2017
Exhibition Opening: Saturday 25 February 2017

The Lab I 6:30 pm

Yousef Kawar showcases audiovisual ideas from research on the relationship between the human senses and the process of producing and receiving ideas, moving between sound waves and light. The artist will be present during the opening of the exhibition for discussion and conversations around his process and the work created.

Yousef’s work allows us to delve deeper into the unknown as we are accompanied by eerie digital arpeggios and haunting sounds, a doorstep that takes us beyond the event horizon of everyday programmed normalcy, and that allows us to slowly explore our inner-verse.

Yousef Kawar is an award-winning musician, videographer, and photographer, who has been studying and researching music theory, practice, performance, recording and production for over 20 years. His unique sound and continuous focus on originality while avoiding the mainstream has made him one of the pioneers in the field of electronic music and contemporary art in the Arab World.

Yousef Kawar invites audiences to join him in live work sessions and discussions about the exhibition from 4:00-6:30 pm on the following dates:
Sunday 26 February 2017
Wednesday 1 March 2017
Sunday 5 March 2017
Wednesday 8 March 2017
Saturday 11 March 2017
Sunday 12 March 2017
Wednesday 15 March 2017