Misbah, 2006.
3-D Cities, 2008.
3-D Cities, 2008.
3-D Cities, 2008.
Exhibition view.
Interior Landscape, detail, 2008.
Interior Landscape, detail, 2008.
Interior Landscape, detail, 2008.
Untitled (Willow Cage), 2002.
Static II, 2008.
Keffieh, 1993-99.
Hanging Garden, 2008.
Set in Stone, 2002.
Witness, 2008.
Still life, 2008.
Mona Hatoum

11 October 2008 – February 2009

Darat al Funun will be hosting the first solo exhibition in the region of Mona Hatoum's work following a one-month residency by the artist. The exhibition will include works produced by Hatoum in Amman, in cooperation with local craftsmen, as well as works from the Khalid Shoman Collection, among others. Of Palestinian origin, Mona Hatoum is an internationally recognized artist known for her performances and video works of the 1980s and for her large-scale installations and sculptures which turn the familiar into uncanny situations that capture the experience of permanent exile. In 2004, she was awarded the Roswitha Haftmaan Prize and was the first visual-arts recipient of the prestigious Sonning Prize. Mona Hatoum will also hold an artist's talk on Sunday, October 12.