Mona Hatoum – Exhibition Catalogue

Exhibition catalogue for Mona Hatoum's solo exhibition at Darat al Funun, Oct 2008-Jan 2009

Language En/Ar
Published by Darat al Funun - The Khalid Shoman Foundation, 2008
Editors: Nadia al Issa, Haya Saleh
Design: Ala’ Younis

OCLC 727107169

“The Art of Displacement: Mona Hatoum’s Logic of Irreconcilables” by Edward Said
“Interview: Mona Hatoum” by Janine Antoni
“Home and Away: The Strange Surrealism of Mona Hatoum” by Alix Ohlin
“The States of Being in Mona Hatoum’s Artwork” by Salwa Mikdadi

Works by Mona Hatoum

Mona Hatoum’s solo exhibition at Darat al Funun followed a one-month residency of the artist in Amman. It included works produced by Hatoum in Amman in cooperation with the Iraq al Amir Women Cooperative Society.