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Photography, Narrative, History
Online conversation with Nadia Bseiso, Ayla Hibri, and Hareth Ramzi

Tuesday 17 May 2022 I 6:00 PM Amman Time

Can photographs elucidate? Can they tell a story? How can we locate meaning in a photograph? In this conversation, Yazan Ashqar joins Nadia Bseiso, Ayla Hibri, and Hareth Ramzi to discuss their work currently on display in Re-Rooting to talk about their photographic practices, and approaches, and how we can think of aesthetics, suffering, and historic accounts embedded in a photograph.

The conversation will be in Arabic.

Nadia Bseiso is a Jordanian documentary photographer based in Amman. She completed a degree in photography from Florence, Italy, in 2011, returning for a residency in Fondazione Fotografia in Modena in 2015. She concentrates on long-term projects based on personal research in geopolitics, history, anthropology, and environmental degradation.

Ayla Hibri is a visual artist from Beirut, Lebanon. Hibri has been in constant travel for the last decade, shifting environments to maintain a continuum of displacement and discovery. She has collected an expansive archive of visual data on the psychogeography of places and the ubiquitous aspects of the human condition. In parallel, she paints and draws creatures and worlds far removed from this one, driven by the matter of dreams and active imagination.

Hareth Ramzi is a photographer residing in Amman, Jordan. His work includes landscape, travel, street, and architecture photography. He uses photography primarily to capture an awareness of impermanence, looking for beauty in the seams, natural, the material, the nostalgic, and the imperfect.