at the lab
Plant / Lives
Talk with Corinne Silva and Eva Sajovic

Saturday 25 March 2017
The Lab | 6:30pm
Exhibition: 25 March – 12 April 2017

Corinne Silva and Eva Sajovic give a talk at their exhibition opening Open Lab: Plant / Lives. For the past two years, they have been working together to explore human-plant relationships. This talk marks the end of their second residency with Darat al Funun, during which time they have conducted research and gathered material in collaboration with participants through discussions and workshops. The artists will describe their process of collaboration, and their focus on the edible plants in Darat al Funun’s unique gardens as catalysts for thinking about human and plant mobility, past, present and future, at a time when climate change and conflict over land and resources make many futures uncertain. The talk is in English.

The exhibition  presents their research so far. During two research trips to Jordan, through workshops, conversations, and garden walks, the artists collected botanical information and personal stories on some of Darat al Funun's garden’s edible plants.