Fellow Talk: Playing against Invisibility
Reema Salha Fadda

Tuesday 12 July 2016
6:30 at Blue House

Darat al Funun Ph.D. Fellowship recipient Reema Salha Fadda will give a talk related to her research, titled "Playing against Invisibility: Negotiating the Institutional Politics of Cultural Production in Palestine”.

Over the past decade, the cultural field in Palestine has expanded to include biennales, international art residencies, and more recently the establishment of the Palestinian Museum. The development of these high-profile cultural platforms are conversant with global funding and development agendas - on which Palestine and its cultural institutions are highly dependent - and as such, are gaining recognition within the contemporary arts market. But the aims of these initiatives are also firmly rooted in the ppolitics of locality.  A
s discursive platforms that critically engage with the spatial, political and economic realities of exhibition-making and institution-building under occupation, how does their position within a networked arts market offers the potential for new political and artistic alliances to be formed? Or, does reinforcing the capitalist logic of market integration that dominates cultural policy today risk neutralising, or indeed placating, more radical forms of expression and political critique?

Image: Exterior of The Palestinian Museum