Preparations for building the structure with Hiba Shahzada
Session Wednesday 18 May
Session Saturday 21 May
at the lab
Improvised workshop with Shireen Talhouni, Ahmad Barakat and Hiba Shahzada

7-31 May 2016
Open to the public Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, 5:00pm – 7:00 pm

TetraChord is a 3-week experimental project between performance/dance artist Shireen Talhouni, musician Ahmad Barakat and architect Hiba Shahzada. This multidisciplinary project will consist of dance work, a soundscape and a physical installation that will be evolved throughout the project and made interdependently through a process of improvisation in which the visual, auditory and kinaesthetic interact.

The intention of this project is to challenge the notion of performance as a closed event independent of everyday life. Inspired by the open and immediate relationship between The Lab space and the street, the public will be able to enter the gallery space at any time during the making of the work. By making the creative process transparent, the public is invited to experience the conception of ideas in real time, turning the banal behind the scenes activities into a live performance. In this way the project seeks to demystify the creative act, exposing its banality and challenging the idea that art emerges as a kind of divine conception.

Instead the everyday is transformed into art.

The final interdisciplinary piece will be shown in an open event on Tuesday 31 May, on the last day of the project.