film screening - talk
Text in Film
Yazan Ashqar

Tuesday 12 February 2013 | the Lab 6:30 PM

Short Films Screening and a Discussion with Yazan Ashqar in conjunction with the exhibition The Power of Words.

The selected short films explore the historical usages of language and textual symbols in cinema, and presents various visual representations for these usages, as a companion to the cinematic image itself, as an alternative to it, and the correlation between the two in terms of reception. Starting from silent cinema and going through experimental to the commercial.

Film selection:
1. Scrooge, Or, Marley's Ghost
UK, 1901
Dir: Walter R. Booth
6 Minutes

2. Opening Titles from Pierrot Le Fou
France, 1965
Dir: Jean-Luc Godard
1 Minute

3. The Alphabet
United States. 1968
Dir: David Lynch
4 Minutes

4. Active Poetry: Poem by Ewa
Poland, 1971
Dir: Ewa Partum
6 Minutes

5. ABC Book
Poland, 1976
Dir: Wojciech Wiszniewski
7 Minutes

6. Opening Crawl from Star Wars
United States, 1977
Dir: George Lucas
1 Minute

7. E
Canada, 1981
Dir: Břetislav Pojar
7 Minutes

8. Secondary Currents (Excerpt)
United States, 1981
Dir: Peter Rose
3 Minutes

9. Logorama
France, 2009
Dir: François Alaux, Herve de Crecy, Ludovic Houplain
16 Minutes

10. Correspondence: A Letter from José Luis Guerín to Jonas Mekas
Spain, 2011
Dir: Jose Luis Guerin
5 Minutes