The Girl Splendid in Walking, 2009.
Sequence One-In Four Movements (2010). Exhibition view.
Untitled, drawing, 2009.
Untitled, drawing, 2009.
A Tress of Hair (2008). Exhibition view.
The Girl Splendid in Walking
Doa Aly


The feeling of displaced and restricted physical movement and its impact on the expression of the individual is explored in Doa Aly's work. Aly's videos reveal her investigation into deviant behavior, studying its transformation from the subjective to the projected image when exposed to different situations and contexts. In the works presented, the artist finds inspiration through the study of human anatomy and performance-based practices such as dance and circus acrobatics. Her video works tend to refer to fictional characters either created by the artist herself or found in the literary world of artists such as Guy de Maupassant, Wilhelm Jensen and Ovid. In these stories, the human body expresses the conflict of moving from the old self to the new one. The show features a selection of Aly's drawings and her video works: A Tress of Hair (2008), Sequence One-In Four Movements (2010), and The Girl Splendid in Walking (2009), which was partly filmed at Darat al Funun.