online - talk
Unforming Zionism
Online Screening followed by a discussion with Khalid Al-Bashir

Tuesday 10 May 2022 I 6:00 pm Amman Time

Unforming Zionism is a multimedia visual essay centered on an investigation into the Haifa Governmental Hospital in Palestine, built-in 1938. Through counter-cartographic decoding of the material, economic and political networks complicit in the construction of the hospital, the essay offers a lens through which we can observe and understand colonial Zionist and British collusions that led to the dispossession of Palestinians. Yazan Ashqar will join Khalid to discuss Unforming Zionism and his approach to researching the intersections between architecture, design, and politics.

Khalid Al-Bashir is a writer and architectural researcher. His practice and reflections sit on the intersection of design, space and politics. He is an Associate Lecturer in Architectural Histories and Theories at Falmouth University and has taught at the Architectural Association summer school.

The talk will be in Arabic.