Video Art Workshop
Amal Kenawy

Thursday, 26 April 2007

The Khalid Shoman Foundation - Darat al Funun has organized a workshop on 26/4/2007 for a group of students at the Jordan University on the topic of Amal Kenawy's work that was displayed at Darat al Funun (23 January - 3 May).

The workshop served to acquaint students with the work of artist Amal Kenawy, particularly "Frozen Memory" (2002), "The Room" (2004), "The Purple Artificial Forest" (2005), and "You Will Be Killed" (2006). Amal Kenawy uses different techniques in her work including painting, drawing, photography, animation, composition, development, performance and video art.

The workshop was structured according to the skills and abilities of the participants and aimed at developing their thinking on aesthetics and artistic techniques. It introduced participants to Arab and international art work that has inspired or been inspired by Amal Kenawy's work, demonstrating the spirit of collaboration and exchange in art.