Wael Shawky

6 October – December 2009

Wael Shawky’s reflection on culture, religion, and politics will be on show at Darat al Funun starting October 6th, 2009. The exhibition will feature the 10 minute video ‘Larvae Channel 2’, produced by the Egyptian artist during his residency at the Darat. The work that utilizes video examines the idea of self exploration through displacement, and is based on an interview shot by the artist in Souf, the Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan. The exhibition also presents Shawky’s ‘Télématch Sadat’ and ‘Al-Aqsa Park’. ‘Télématch Sadat’ is a video that shows the 6th of October military parade, Anwar Sadaat’s assassination and funeral, all chillingly re-enacted by children, while ‘Al-Aqsa Park’ is an animated film installation showing the Dome of the Rock, a renowned icon of Palestinian-Israeli conflict in Jerusalem displayed as a controlled carousel with blinking lights. The exhibition will premiere ‘Télématch Crusades’ from Shawky’s Télématch series.