Za’atara Cafe: A Tale of Old Jerusalem
Performance by Hussam Abu Eisheh

Saturday 29 October 2022
7:30 pm I The Archaeological Site

Za’atara Cafe is a monodrama that brings back to life 40 years of tales and characters in a miniature version of the city of Jerusalem.

Written and performed by actor Hussam Abu Eisheh, and directed by Kamel al Basha, the performance tells the story of the Za’atara Cafe, the largest cafe in old Jerusalem, through the eyes of Saleh, a waiter who works there and acts as a point of connection between various regular customers from the city, including merchants, politicians, academics, and other key figures. The performance reflects the journey of the cafe (and the city as a whole) from 1938 until it closed in the late seventies.

Hussam Abu Eisheh was born in 1959, and started to work in theater in 1977. He became the head of the Palestinian Theatre Artists Association between 1991-1993. Abu Eisheh wrote and performed many theater performances and participated in regional and international festivals. He received several awards for his theatrical practice and work. Abu Eisheh has been coaching drama and psychodrama in Palestine and the Arab world for 10 years. 

The performance will be in Arabic.