Adnan Yahya
From Sabra and Shatila ... to Independence? 1982-1999

Exhibition catalogue on Adnan Yahya's exhibition "From Sabra and Shatila … to Independence? (1982-1999)” at Darat al Funun in 1999.

Language: En/Ar
Published by Darat al Funun - The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation

Text by Darat al Funun/Adnan Yahya
Works by Adnan Yahya

In his drawings, Adnan Yahya reflects the suffering and the struggle of the Palestinian people, forced to live under occupation, facing displacement and injustice. Yahya himself was not yet twenty when he witnessed the massacres of Sabra and Shatila. His works from a period of over 17 years were exhibited at Darat al Funun in May 1999.