Fahrelnissa Zeid and her Institute

Language En/Ar
Catalog published by the Fahrelnissa Zeid Institute of Fine Arts - Amman, 1981

Publication on the occasion of the “Fahrelnissa and her Institute” exhibition in 1981 at Qasr al Thaqafa - Amman, showcasing works by Fahrelnissa Zeid, the teacher, and the students of her Institute.

Fahrelnissa Zeid to her students:

"If you have something to sing or tell, let it emerge to the surface and reflect your depths, for this is the road to truth.

All that the eye sees or the hand touches, all that can be perceived by the senses is but a means to reaching Truth. Try to find the truth that is in your innerself as well as in the invisible world. If you reach our goal, you will have succeeded in finding ultimate truth, and if you fail you will at least have tried. Beauty is the essence of truth and man's achievements are his various means of reaching truth, and art is one of the most important of them."