Fahrelnissa Zeid

Turkey 1901-Jordan 1991.

"For us today the importance of Fahrelnissa Zeid's paintings is that they prelude a new standpoint in the arts. The French School is passing into a universal school. The universal school will be subject to influences not only from the west but also from the east. The artistic, as well as the political and social, achievements of our age will be rich and lasting in so far as they can draw on the inspiration of both hemispheres. It is true that Fahrelnissa is not the only contemporary artist who has made use of sources outside Europe. But while, for the most part, those others who have done so have deliberately appropriated idioms which appealed to them in the art of distant countries, she has come to her style in a more natural and subjective manner. Her paintings, resting as it does on a wider personal experience of life and thought than is to be found inside any one country, is a more authentic unfolding of personality than can ever be a style which is chiefly the result of study."

-  'Londres' by Maurice Collis (1889 – 1973)
Fahrelnissa Zeid, Published by The Royal National Jordanian Institute Fahrelnissa Zeid of Fine Arts, 1984