Adam Henein

Egypt 1929 - 2020.

"The art of Adam Henein is twofold: he is both sculptor and painter. With the perfect mastery and the vision of an inspired creator, he has managed to conciliate harmoniously these two fields of creative predilection, with almost unmatched success. He is a true artist in that he heeds the mysterious commands of inspiration, but also in nurturing a full-fledged and lucid awareness of the beginnings and early developments of his own itinerary. In his words: "I don't think I"ve changed; there is an obvious continuity throughout my work, from the 1950s right up until today. When I look back at my old drawings, I discover in them striking and perceptible similarities with what I am doing today. Artistic time has its own measure, and what I am producing now looks a lot like what I was producing then. It is an itinerary pursued along a single road, which I took right from the outset, and from which I have never strayed."

These words conform exactly to the development of his sculpted works, but the "continuity" and the "striking similarities" are no less obvious between his sculpture and painting."

- Excerpt from 'Adam Henein: A Modern Vision, Deeply Rooted in Ancient Art' by Edouard Al-Kharrat
Adam Henein, Published by Al-Mansouria - Skira, 2005