Mahmoud Mokhtar, "Ibn al-Balad", 1910.
Salah Taher, "Banat al-Balad", date unknown.
Youssef Francis, "Al-Quds", date unknown.
Tapestry from the studio of Ramses Wissa Wassef, 1989.
Tapestry from the studio of Ramses Wissa Wassef, 1981.
Exhibition view (Youssef Sida, Ramses Wissa Wassef).
Invitation card, front.
Invitation card, back.
Exhibition opening, March 2000.
Journey through the Contemporary Arts of the Arab World
The Valley of the Nile: Egypt and Sudan

7 March – 11 May 2000

"One can rarely find a collection that is as complete as the Arab Bank's collection in Cairo. Private companies or organizations or even individuals, seldom achieve that level of completion mainly because of a lack of organization or because of hazardous circumstances.

The Arab Bank's collection of the 20th Century Egyptian art comprises as much as six generations of artists, the only missing elements being George Sabbagh and Mahmoud Sai'd because of the scarcity and unavailability on the market of their productions (for the first generation). The bank has just acquired three rare works by the pioneer Habib Georgi just before the printing of this book.

Amongst the Bank's numerous and carefully selected acquisitions, it is important to mention four remarkable selections of the greatest talents in Egyptian art.

The first collection comprises eight creations by Jamal Sajini. (brass and bronze sculpture and oils).

The second one is constituted by six of the best oils by the famous Tahia Halim, plus one water colour.

The third one involves ten large pieces by Yousef Sayyda, founder of the School of Calligraphy in Egypt and the Arab world. It is worth mentioning his huge abstract murals of 1.5 m x 3m.

And at last, seven of Inji Aflatoun's most intense paintings concerning social issues forms the fourth collection.

These four collections represent in my opinion the quintessential of what exists in modern Egyptian art. This selection acquired in an amazingly short period of time can be cited as an example of a thoroughly completed collection as much as for its chronology as for its scientific approach, covering in that way an entire Century. [...]"

Makram Henien, Art Critic

Exhibition Catalog published by: Arab Bank - Cairo. With works by Mahmoud Mukhtar, Yousef Kamel, Ragheb Ayad, Seif Wanly, Inji Aflatoun, Ramses Wissa Wassef, Tahia Halim, Jamal Sajini, Yousef Sayyeda, Adam Henein, Mohammed Omar Khalil, and Rashid Diab.