May Muzaffar

Born in Iraq. Lives and works in Jordan.

May Muzaffar is a poet, short-story writer, critic, editor and translator.

She has given several talks at Darat al Funun, and contributed to numerous publications, including Adel Abidin (2015), Faisal Samra (2007), The Wall & The Checkpoints (2006), Out of the Desert (2006), In Memory of Shaker Hassan al Said, Ismail Fattah, Nuha al Radi (2004), Journey through the Contemporary Arts in the Arab World: Contemporary Arab Artists from Wadi al Rafideen (Iraq) (2000). She also contributed her personal reflection to Arab Art Histories (2013).

In 2015 she launched her book Contemporary Art in Iraq: Communication and Differentiation, which outlines selected trials and a review of aesthetics from different artistic generations and their relationship with one another.