Suha Shoman

Artist. Founder of Darat al Funun.

"I am a Palestinian born in Jerusalem before the creation of the state of Israel. I was uprooted from my homeland and had to take refuge in Egypt. The right of return being denied to us, I lived and pursued my studies in Lebanon. Now in the last 35 years, I made a life in Jordan. I am deeply attached to each of these Arab countries but the grief of displacement and the longing for what was left behind, is always present, also the need to tell our story and to preserve the memory of our people. This is what I tried to express in my art and my lifetime work at Darat al Funun".

"I had studied art under the Turkish Jordanian artist Fahrelnissa Zeid, who was a prominent artist of the New School of Paris in the 50's of the last century. Till her death in 1991 she was my teacher, my friend and my mentor".

"The infinite world of Petra became my source of inspiration and my sanctuary till this day. The passage of the Siq, witness of immemorial time, the anthropomorphic rocks formations, echoing a past still present, the reflections of the light, symbol of eternal life revealed to me another reality where beauty prevailed".

Excerpts from artist talk at the Alexandria Biennale, Suha Shoman, Catalog published by The Khalid Shoman Foundation, 2009