The Room, 2007.
The Room, 2007.
The Room, 2007.
The Room
Amal Kenawy

28 January 2007

Amal Kenawy performs at Darat al Funun's archaeological site, against a backdrop of her video The Room (2004). The video sees a bride with white lace gloves embroidering an animal’s heart. 

"When I looked within myself, I began to realize my self as an independent entity that contains a set of laws which rule and govern my body as a physical being. However, these laws do not represent or convey the true nature of myself for they do not correspond with my feelings about life and non-existence. I may have a heart that beats…a heart that carries out its functions…but I can not confirm that I am alive for the emotions that continuously inhabit my body turn it into nothing more than a mere physical shell, into a barrier that separates my inner being from the world around me.

For this reason, I try to tailor my understanding so that I may realize the human self within a wider framework of existence. I realize this through the abstracted images which I use, images that oscillate between being of my memories/dreams and of the reality in which I live. These images come close to portraying me, to being an expression of my true self, the self that I can see clearly way beyond the narrow confines of my body."

- Amal Kenawy