Dr. Hisham Al Khatib

Palestine 1936 - Amman 2022.

Dr. Hisham Al Khatib was a politician, intellectual and economist of renowned international reputation and a consultant to many local and international organizations. He held numerous posts. He was Minister of Energy, Water, and Planning in many Jordanian cabinets. He is now the Head of the Management Committee of the Arab Thought Forum, Honorary Vice Chairman of the World Energy Council and member of many international and regional committees on energy, environment and technology, including the UN Commission on Science and Technology, World Federation of Scientists and Arab East Studies Association. He has been decorated in Jordan, Indonesia, Italy, Austria, Sweden and the Vatican. Dr. Hisham Al Khatib lived in the city of Jerusalem for a long time. He knows well Palestine’s historic and cultural heritage. The magnificence and beauty of its landscape are well documented in his collection, which took him over 30 years to build. In light of this journey, he now has what could resemble a private museum, with a hundred and fifty paintings, one hundred travel books, twenty valuable plate books, and dozens of maps and photographs of Jerusalem from more than 3,000 original 19th-century photographs, as well as lithographs and watercolor paintings.

Dr. Hisham Al Khatib was a member of the Darat al Funun Honorary Board.