Diwan Al-Mimar: Belonging to the Transient
Talk by Dina Haddadin

Saturday 24 June 2023  | 6:00 pm | Main Building

Our cities are in a constant form of transience, a continuum of development and re-development, spatially-engineered realities, changing urban geographies of exclusion and spatial/social displacement. These in-between spaces, margins, peripheries, or gaps; built or un-built, are the result of the constant spatial reproduction of "change.”

This discussion aims to explore projects that demonstrate the realm of impermanence and the creative potential inherent in these transient terrains, highlighting the challenges of creating spaces that accommodate and celebrate transience, embracing temporality, ephemerality, and adaptability, through flexible innovative designs, modular construction, adaptive reuse, and reduced waste generation. Through artistic experimentation, these spaces become the platforms for artistic expressions, temporary installations, and interactive experiences, contributing to revitalizing marginalized areas thus redefining what a public space is. By occupying the notion of transience, we can challenge the conventional idea of permanence in architecture and explore the transformative potential of these ever-changing urban landscapes.

The talk is in Arabic.

Dina Haddadin is an architect and a multidisciplinary visual artist. Her interests combine various techniques, from the traditional painting and printmaking to experimental performative and video art, creating multi-layered works that examine research-based issues around inclusivity, architectural impermanence or the obsession with eternity and power in our changing urban geographies.

She is the founder of the architectural firm She has a B.A. in Architecture, and in 2008 she continued her studies in fine arts at the School of Visual Arts in New York. She is an Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) 2015 grantee and was one of two curators for the internationally recognized Amman Design Week for its first year, also designing its main public installations and exhibitions for the second year.

Haddadin had five solo shows and exhibited in various international exhibitions and biennales, her work has been auctioned by Christie’s and acquired by local and international collectors and institutions.