Ammar Khammash

Jordan 1960. Lives and works in Amman.

Ammar Khammash is an artist, a painter and a photographer, and one of the most notable architects in Jordan. In addition to his eco modern designs for private houses and public buildings, his old site renovations include landmarks spreading from the North to the South of the country. In Um Qays in the North, he restored the Ottoman building of the Um Qays museum, and in Amman, he renovated the first three historical buildings, dating from the 1920s, of the Darat al Funun compound: the Main Building, Dar Khalid, and the Blue House. In Madaba he renovated the Byzantine church of the Apostles and Virgin Mary, in the South, the village of the Dana reserve, in Maan, the Hijaz railroad museum, and in Aqaba, the house of Sherif Hussein bin Ali, leader of the Great Arab revolt.

Ammar Khammash is a member of the Darat al Funun Advisory Board.